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Thanks for visiting Tasty LED. We produce high efficiency, high quality horticultural lamps using wide spectrum white LED with natural peaks in blue and red. No gimmicks or tricks just high efficiency raw power using quality parts rated to last well beyond the warranty. We also offer a full range of DIY components.

The graph below describes the relationship between light intensity and plant growth. As you can see the lower intensities produce less growth but are also more efficient. A PPFD of 400 achieves over 50% growth potential while a PPFD of 800 improves the growth to about 85% but not doubling it. As the light intensity approaches 1500 the amount of additional growth slows and light intensities above 1500 will begin to harm a plant. A common balance between performance and efficiency is in the 600-900 PPFD range.

PPFD -vs- Photosynthesis

-All Tasty LED lamps are designed to operate on 120-240 volt input.
-All of our lamps have outlets for connecting multiple units.
-Check the product pages for more information.
-We are not accepting international orders at this time.
-Made in the USA.


All of our lamps come with a 3 year warranty provided to the original purchaser. This product warranty covers any manufacturing defects and is all inclusive of charges provided the original shipping box is available should the lamp need to be sent for repair. Damage caused by tampering, natural causes, or improper electrical input is not covered by the warranty. Non warranty repair work and post-warranty repair work will be priced according to part cost and labor and is non-inclusive of shipping. Post-warranty repair work may include replacing individual parts still under their respective factory warranty. In such cases there will be no charge for these parts though shipping and labor charges will still apply.